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A family farming business run by George and Luce Williams. The property Grassendale, 1580ha in total, is a summer dry hill country property on predominantly sandstone and argillite soils. It’s 1050ha effective, and the balance is made up of native bush and forestry.

The harsh topographical conditions and severe wind run at Grassendale ensures the highest standard of mothering ability, combined with a severe culling regime on structural soundness and constitution, as well as SIL data, ensures only the top 30% are on offer for sale.

Grassendale purchased the Raho Ruru Romney flock, which historically boasted ‘producing rams with proven growth rates for the commercial farmer to get there lambs away earlier at heavier weights’. They really focussed on maximising the returns to their clients by achieving a balance between fertility, fast growth rate, high yielding carcases, wool weight and an easy-care sheep.

On Grassendale we are firm on structural soundness and have a no tolerance policy on any feet issues. The flock is run in the commercial environment, with significant mob pressure and a no drenching policy. They are consistently scanning 175-180%.



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George & Luce Williams
Phone: +64 372 6671 | Mob: 027 RAMSHOP
Manawa Road, Tinui, Masterton