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Sheepfarming in New Zealand is being pushed back into the hill country, or onto land which frequently faces drought. The trend has been towards more extensive farms, less labour, and lower fertiliser input, yet improved productivity is needed from easycare sheep. Climatic stresses require genetics capable of bouncing back quickly.

Tough sheep for tough times

The Wairere environment puts pressure on stock. We are reminded of this when we try running other sheep at Wairere. One example was 350 5-year Perendale ewes purchased in January 2006 for a special client request. These ewes were in extremely good condition (68kg after two days trucking), scanned at 180%, but weaned only 105%. The Wairere Romney ewes weaned 150% in the same season. The wet/cold/mud/wind-chill/high stocking rate at Wairere has been Wairere’s biggest positive factor over the years.

“We don’t feed them up to produce big two-tooth rams, we feed them down to push the non-doers out the bottom.”

Nationally, the Wairere reputation is built around shifting ability and the ability to bounce back after a hard time.



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